Haya Fatima Iqbal is a documentary filmmaker and journalist based in Pakistan, and is currently contributing to documentary film and multimedia journalism work as a freelancer.


Her interest in journalism sparked when she was only three and the Gulf War started in Saudi Arabia, her country of birth. Her interest in studying, analyzing, and reporting on conflict grew further as she moved to her home country, Pakistan, where she first witnessed the ever-intensifying ethno political conflict and later observed the aftermath of the War on Terror.


She attended New York University as a graduate student, where she was a Fulbright scholar studying News & Documentary.


Haya produces and shoots for documentary films, web, and television; and also writes and reports for web and print publications. Her work has been featured by CNN, Huffington Post, Deutsche Welle (DW), TV Russia, the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts (RSA), Dawn, Daily Times, The News, Geo News, Aaj News, and Radio Pakistan.


Her directorial debut, City of Parties, is a documentary film on ethno political violence in the world's fifth-biggest city of Karachi. The film won the Special Award for Documentary at the World Extreme Film Festival 2013 and has also featured in film festivals in New Delhi and New York.


Haya has extensively traveled across all four provinces of Pakistan and is fluent in Urdu and English. She is familiar with Sindhi and Punjabi, and also possesses a basic understanding of Arabic and Farsi.














Shooting in Mirpurkhas, Pakistan

Shooting in Mirpurkhas for TV Russia, 2014