Forgotten Lights:


Karachi once used to be the brightest stars in the constellation of Pakistani cities. Then, the City of Lights plunged into darkness. Karachi became the City of Forgotten Lights.  Forgotten Lights is a three-part audio slideshow series pays homage to the various people in Karachi who are akin to sources of light for the city to this day. The video was produced for the I Am Karachi campaign.

















Credit: Director, Cameraperson


Location: Karachi



Lighting Up Lives:


Lighting Up Lives is a docu-ad capturing the lives of people living in the massive refugee camp of Jalozai and documents how their lives are changed by a movement to provide lighting solutions to  communities which do not have access to electricity. The video went viral in Pakistan.

















Credit: Producer


Location: Jalozai Camp, Peshawar



You Must Always Love the City:


You Must Always Love the City is a two-part web documentary following the journey of two ordinary young citizens who are changing the city of Karachi in extraordinary ways through initiatives on environment and free education. Through their acts of personal responsibility and generosity, they reinforce that Karachi is to be loved during times of conflict and peace alike. This documentary was produced for the I Am Karachi Campaign.



















Credit: Director, Cameraperson, Editor


Location: Karachi



Aghaz e Safar:


Aghaz e Safar (The Beginning of a Journey) is a groundbreaking, 12-episode primetime TV show exploring solutions to a wide range of social issues in Pakistan such as child sexual abuse, persecution of religious minorities, land grabbing, sexual harassment, domestic abuse, abuse of labor rights, abuse of disability rights, the illegal arms trade, and the effects of the War on Terror on the lives of frontline responders.

















Credit: Producer


Locations: Attock, Azad Kashmir, Bahawalnagar, Bhakkar, Chaklalawala, Gilgit, Gujrat, Hyderabad, Islamabad, Jhang, Karachi, Kharo Chan, Khushab, Kot Addu, Lahore, Multan, Nowshera, Peshawar, Pippalwala, Quetta, Rawalpindi, Sheikhupura, Sialkot, Swat





I Heart Karachi: 


A five-part mini documentary series following the lives of five men and women working in high-risk professions in one of the biggest and most dangerous cities in the world.

















Credit: Producer


Location: Karachi



City of Parties:


A city of 18 million Pakistanis, Karachi is severely divided along ethnic lines. The Mohajirs, the Pashtuns and the Sindhis are out to kill each other in the name of language. Backed by political parties, government officials, and the land and drug mafia, the violence escalates and the city sinks into further chaos while precious lives are lost on all sides.


City of Parties won the Special Award for Documentary at the World Extreme Film Festival 2012, Mexico and was selected at the Delhi International Film Festival 2012.



















Credit: Director, Producer, Cameraperson


Location: Karachi



A Little Easier, A Little More Beautiful:


An experimental style documentary on workers from Pakistan who make our lives a little easier, and a little more beautiful through their unique craft and dignity of work.


















Credit: Director, Producer, Cameraperson


Location: Karachi



Humaira: The Game Changer:


Twenty six-year-old Humaira Bachal is a staunch advocate of girls’ education in an environment where agents of status quo brutally resist the idea of female literacy that is prevalent from the mountains of Swat to the coast of Karachi.




















Credit: Producer


Location: Karachi



Planet of Babel:


A TV Russia documentary that explores the aftermath of the global financial crisis across three continents, through human faces of the tragedy.


















Credit: Cameraperson


Location: Faisalabad



Zyorna - Seeds of Wheat:


A TV Russia documentary that explores the effects of GMO on the agriculture, economy, politics, and livelihoods of ordinary farmers situated in different parts of the world.
















Credit: Cameraperson


Location: Mirpurkhas


Ho Yaqeen:


Ho Yaqeen (To Believe) is a five-part documentary series profiling individuals who are spearheading efforts for a brighter Pakistan by working on specific causes.  

















Credit: Co Producer


Locations: Tharparkar, Karachi



Daily Times: 


Haya Fatima Iqbal started off her journalism career in 2010 as a reporter covering the ‘Education’ beat for one of Pakistan’s top newspapers Daily Times.


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